Well, Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

The Tally Pro III is coming along nicely. This model features a back LED for the camera operator as well as a simplified setup process. Circuit boards are being fabricated as I write this and most of the components are on order from our vendors, if not already in house. I think our target release date for this model will be in the middle of May, depending on expected shipments.

You should know that each one of these tally lights is hand assembled and checked. The plastic shells are 3D printed with PLA, a plant based plastic. Each one takes about 8 hours to print. As they say, Inexpensive, Fast, Good – pick two! I’ve settled for Inexpensive and Good 🙂 Fast and Good would require a huge investment in injection molds, so slow and steady it is for now. Please be patient when you order, I do keep some stock around but most are printed and built on demand. Maybe it’s time to buy a second 3D printer?

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