June 1, 2021

We’ve made one last change to our TPIII tally light product. You can now change the brightness of the LEDs during the setup process! It’s currently in beta test and will be part of the product release, which should happen in the next few days.

May was a crazy month, many things conspired to keep us very busy. We designed and installed two audio/visual systems for churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, consulted with and designed six more systems for other churches, had a live stream CD release party for Michael Patrick’s new album “Home” and managed to squeeze in time to get a container vegetable garden planted.

This month we’ve got a live stream scheduled for June 12th for the CC Coletti Band. Coming to you live from the band’s farm in central New Jersey! Also more audio/visual system installations and finally…the release of our TPIII tally light!!! Just waiting on some last minute printing and creation of the product video showing it in action.

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I'm a software engineer, musician, videographer and entrepreneur. I worked for other people my entire life, now I'm finally working for me, making things that I find interesting and creative.

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