Tally Light TPIII Software Updates


When you received your Tally Pro, it was preloaded with software that did a multitude of things. We are always trying to improve our code, so from time to time we issue updates.
Updates will be made available for download here and can be uploaded to the light through any browser – no physical connection is needed!

Step 1
Download the update file to your computing device. Make note of where you save it. The update will have the file extension .bin, indicating it is a binary file.

Step 2
Turn the Tally Pro on and wait for the light to stop blinking red and turns green, indicating that it has connected to the local WiFi. We are going to connect to the webserver inside the Tally Pro using a browser just like we did when configuring, but this time we will go to an update page.

Step 3
Open the browser on your computing device and type


into the address window. This will bring up the update screen:

Tally Light 2 update screen

Step 4
Click on the “Choose File” button under Firmware. The standard windows file explorer will open.

Windows File Explorer

Navigate to the location that you downloaded the .bin file to, select it and click on the Open button. In our example, we have opened the file “Main_05.ino.bin”.

Step 5
The web page should now display the filename you picked:

Update screen after selecting a file

Click on the Update Firmware button and wait. If the update is succesful, you should see the following screen and your Tally Pro will reboot with the updated software:

Successful Update screen

Step 6
You may safely close the browser. Your Tally Pro is up to date with the latest version of the software. Please power cycle or reboot the light to ensure that the system starts from a clean state. You may also want to press the configuration button marked by a “!” on the case and re-configure your light. There may database format changes from release to release, so reconfiguring is a good way to make sure your critical information is correct and able to be read by the light.

Both the Tally Light Pro and the computing device you are running the browser on must be on the same network. Make sure that you have configured your Tally Pro before running the software update.

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