Tally Light TPIII

Tally Pro III is a reasonably priced solution to the age old problem of on-screen talent – “Which camera should I be looking at?”. Tally Pro III works with Open Broadcast System (OBS), Vmix and Black Magic Design ATEM video switchers. TSL UMD 3.1 connectivity is currently under development.

Tally Pro III is wireless and is powered by an internal, replaceable 9 volt battery. There are both front and back LEDs. You can select both, front only or back only. A standard battery will last for up to 5 hours, rechargeable LiON batteries can last for about 6 hours with both front and back LEDs on. In a working situation with multiple Tally Lights, that can extend to 10 hours or more.

It can mount to an industry standard 1/4-20 thread, both top and bottom, enabling it for use in a camera’s hot shoe with an adapter or on a lighting stand with a lightweight camera mounted on top. The light can be shipped with the adapters un-attached in case you don’t need/want them or only need one.

After configuration through a web page hosted by the Tally Pro III, the light connects to the WiFi LAN that the switcher is connected to (2.4GHz only). Its bicolor LED indicates when the associated scene/camera is in preview mode by turning green. When switched to program, the LED turns red.

That’s it, a simple concept made simple to use. No central hub, no annoying wires. Nothing extra to buy. The Tally Pro III is designed to be software upgradeable for new feature releases and other switching systems using a simple Over the Air (OTA) process. If you have other switching systems you’d like to see implemented please drop us a line at info@tdvideoservice.com and we’ll investigate the feasibility.

Tally Pro III is available for $75.00 per unit plus applicable sales tax and shipping charges. You read correctly, $75.00, not $750.00. You’ll need one for each camera or scene.

Buy them here.

Configuration instructions are located here.
Update instructions are located here.

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